The free guide to the ACT college entrance exam

What is your ACT score?

As a student looking towards college, you are probably being asked this question a lot. If not, you will hear it soon! You will be judged by college admissions personnel, scholarship committees, and others in your life based on your ACT score. It is very important to get the best score possible.

Good Luck ACT will give you all of the pointers you need in order to get a high score on the ACT exam. We all have the capability to improve our performance on standardized tests, and this website will give you all the pointers and tips you need in order to succeed on test day and beyond. You will learn the testing secrets you need to be accepted into any institution of higher learning in the United States!

What is the ACT College Entrance Exam?

ACT stands for American College Testing. This test was developed in the 1950s, but has been changed over the years to become the standard exam used to measure the level of achievement of high school students. Colleges and universities in the United States use the results of this exam to determine if the student has the skills needed to succeed at their institution. ACT scores are also used to determine recipients of scholarships! The ACT consists of four mandatory sections — English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning — as well as an optional Writing section.

How long is the ACT Test? How many questions are on the test?

English 75 questions 45 minutes
Mathematics 60 questions 60 minutes
Reading 40 questions 35 minutes
Science 40 questions 35 minutes
Writing 1 prompt 30 minutes
Total 215 questions 175 minutes
205 minutes

Testing begins after all examinees present at 8 a.m. are checked in and seated. A short break is scheduled after the first two tests. A brief break is also scheduled before the optional Writing Test. Students taking the ACT without the Writing Test are normally dismissed at about 12:15 p.m. Students taking the ACT Plus Writing are normally dismissed at about 1:00 p.m.

How is the ACT Scored?

In the four mandatory areas (English, Mathematics, Reading and Science), you will receive a score between 1 and 36. Each of these individual scores will be displayed on your report. These four numbers will be averaged and you will be given a composite score, which is your overall score on the test.

The Optional Writing Test is scored separately from the rest of the test and the score does not affect your composite score. Two trained readers will score your essay. Each person will give you a score between 0 and 6. These two scores are combined into a final Writing score between 0 and 12.

What is a good ACT score?

Each year, the average ACT scores change slightly. In 2009, the average composite score on the ACT exam was 21. Not long ago, the average score was 18. Although it is good that more people are acquiring the required knowledge to go to college or university, this also means that all students must learn to perform on a higher level in order to stand out!

Each institution has different standards in terms of ACT scores. Check out the admission information for the schools you are interested in to find out what the minimum ACT score is for entry. If you are interested in specific scholarships, they will often provide the ACT score required for consideration.

How can I do well on the ACT Exam?

Practice makes perfect! Start preparing early by taking practice tests and reading about the ACT exam and what is expected in each section of the test. You should also refine your general academic skills and test taking strategies. You can also join an ACT exam preparation course, watch online videos, or read online articles written by experts who want to help you succeed! Bookmark this site and make sure to go through all of the free ACT prep material we provide.

Good luck on your ACT!