ACT Writing Prompt & Essay 3

Sample ACT Writing Prompt

Several school districts throughout the country are requiring students to complete a certain amount of community service during their own personal time before they graduate high school. Those who support this program feel that this will help students both to prepare for future jobs and to assist in their communities. However, those who oppose these programs feel that high school students are too busy to complete these requirements and that their spare time is better used pursuing their own interests. Do you feel that it is beneficial to high school students to complete required community service as a requirement for graduation?

Sample ACT Writing Essay

High school students often have many things going on in their lives. We all face a lack of time to complete our requirements. However, we must understand that learning does not only happen within a classroom and knowledge does not come exclusively from books. There are many people who have high levels of intelligence but can barely function within society. Hitler was brilliant, but he lacked compassion. Among the many important lessons that we take from high school, I feel that adding a requirement of helping those within our community will benefit students by teaching compassion, providing hands-on interactions and helping them to see the consequences of actions taken in one’s youth.

It is one thing to read about world hunger in a newspaper. It is quite another to travel to a third world nation and look into the eyes of a dying child. Most people may understand that there are underprivileged people in the world, but being able to help those in need will provide a whole new level of understanding to students who may still be naive of the ways of the world. Some people may think that students already have too much to do without adding other requirements, but I feel that community service will put everything in perspective for teenagers. Unfortunately, there are many selfish people in the world, and high school is no exception. By requiring community service, young people can learn that it is quite easy to become the person in need of assistance. They will learn to appreciate the things that they have in life and understanding ways that they can help the world become a better place.

One of the main reasons that young people feel frustrated with school is because they feel that their education has no real world application. However, the correct community service placement can change that perspective. A person who feels that science is irrelevant can assist in an animal shelter and observe the work of a veterinarian. A person who feels that reading is useless can help new immigrants learn the English that they need to function in society. By working hands-on with people in the community, students can turn the abstract ideas they learn in school to real-life skills. Many students may even find their calling through these community service activities.

Many young people are not invested in their learning. They may not make the connection between their actions now and how they will impact the future. Students that take part in risky behaviors may be ‘scared straight’ by visiting and assisting in homeless shelters with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Students who are considering dropping out of school can talk to unemployed people who wish they had a second chance at getting an education. By seeing the hardships that could be their own future, students can learn the importance of working hard in school and avoiding risky and inappropriate behaviors.

The world is much larger than high school, although many young people may have trouble seeing that while caught up in events such as graduation and prom. Young people need to get out in the world and get their hands a little dirty in order to learn all of the lessons they will need to become successful and well rounded adults. Completing community service will give students the perspective that they need to truly achieve a complete education.

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